5 Turbo 2


Year 1985
Mileage 42037
Colour Brun Metallic

This painstakingly original specification Renault 5 Turbo 2 is acknowledged as being the very best example in the UK and one of the best examples...worldwide!

With truly outrageous 1980's styling, this mid-engine Group B Rally Homologation French Supercar is quite simply breath taking in every respect. Benefitting from long term cosseted storage, this example has been correctly re-commissioned to a very exacting 'Factory Fresh' standard, even down to the virtually unobtainable and correct metric tyres!...

With the vast majority of these cars finding their way on to the rally and track scene...or even just fast road and abused use, this truly sensational car will fit perfectly within any high end collection or simply anyone that is seeking the best of the best.

Chassis number 00001277 was one of the last of the French produced cars. The later ones were assembled in Belgium and 00001277 was released and supplied by Renault Specialist Exportations Paris to main Renault Dealer Ringles Cross Garage Uckfield on the 27th March 1985. This special order colour of Brun Metallic was displayed in the showroom before being registered to Ringles Cross Garage themselves. It was then purchased by a good friend of Formula 1 racing driver, Eddie Irvine and taken across to Ireland. It was then used regularly, enjoyed and cared for until it found it's way in to a private collection in 1994. It remained there and used sparingly until 2009. Upon returning to the UK mainland it has formed part of two private collections and has seen very little but cosseted use since.

Having been purchased in 2014 by it's latest enthusiast owner, who has owned various examples of these cars before, it was decided that only the best was good enough. His personal quest was to take a truly excellent example and turn it in to the very, very best! All works carried out were done under the guidance of UK experts on the marque. The car has received no body work attention ( other than professional detailing ) nor interior work or main engine work. His quest for perfection was so, that over £30,000 has been spent on re-commissioning and detailing the running gear, chassis and engine bay and the major emphasis was on originality and keeping the car to exacting factory specification...the result is quite simply sensational!

This car is no stranger to the limelight. It has featured at Cholmondeley Pageant of Power, Goodwood Origine RS, Salon Prive and Evo Magazine, a copy of which is present.

Finished in Brun Metallic, colour code 796, this special order colour is arguably the rarest colour of them all. With only two examples finished in this colour known to exist in the UK, one has been sold last year and gone overseas. This car is now the only one that is known within the UK. Having benefitted from over 100 hours of professional detailing and treated with a ceramic coating of Nanolex, the paint finish is just remarkable. Retaining a uniform and very highly glossed finish, the car is pretty much impossible to fault. Believe me...we are ridiculously picky! It is just stunning...

The weather strips and rubbers are superb and within keeping with a garaged and well cared for car. The glass, head lights, rear fog light, indicators and front fog lights are crystal clear and undamaged. The correct Cibie plastic covers for the fog lights are intact and excellent. The rear under bumper heat shield is perfect and treated with the same heat resistant finish as the exhaust. The high gloss bumpers both front and rear are undamaged. Only a very small webbing is visible on one bumper corner under very close scrutiny and a couple of very small and well covered stone chips. The air cooling side, rear and bonnet vents are in perfect condition and without cracking or damage. The original Turbo 2 body decals and rear window decal are still in place and free from damage and they proudly boast this cars racing credentials. Under the bonnet is in exactly the same condition as the rest of the car. Very highly detailed and correct, it presents as new, if not better. All the correct factory fit stickers are still in place...just lovely. 

The correct factory fit diamond cut Turbine alloys are just superb. They have benefitted from a very costly refurbishment to factory standard. The finish is outstanding. They are shod with brand new and correct metric sized Michellin TRX tyres which again have cost fortunes. The attention to detail is incredible.

Open the door and internally is a bag of mixed emotions. It is like a brand new Renault 5 Gordini Turbo, but the steering wheel is on the opposite side, The original fit radio cassette is still in place and in perfect working order. The seats are the same and so is the dashboard and switch gear. The unmarked carpet and optional carpet mats are in an as new condition. It looks and feels like brand new. The door cards are in remarkable condition and so is the head lining. So what's new or different? We turn around and it's rear seats. Oh yeah, that's where the engine is! A carpeted box with the original and untouched factory plastic covering. We have never, ever seen one with the original and untouched factory plastic cover...just remarkable! Even the correct, original and factory fitted luggage straps are still in place! After all, you wouldn't fit much in the boot and under the correct factory fit parcel shelf. The tool to remove the quick release lugs for the engine bay is still correct and present. Wow...

Sit in and turn the original Renault key ( the spare still has the factory tags ) and then you realise that this is no Renault 5 Gordini Turbo. The burble is at the back. It is right at the back of your seat. Within a few hundred yards it's obvious that this car is special. It was always claimed that these cars had 160 BHP, although it seems that around 145 BHP was more realistic and the norm. Drive it gingerly and it is great...over step the mark and you can feel it bite. Weighing around the same as an empty egg carton this car really is ferocious! Just incredible fun...having recently been rolling road tested at 144 BHP, it is evident that the engine is exactly where it needs to be, both in health and performance. A brand new clutch has just been fitted, again a very common and costly job.

We would advise that any genuine and interested parties contact us for a full and descriptive report of the works carried really is mind blowing what has been done and everything has been carried out to an incredible level.

With a main Renault dealer fully stamped service history from day one to substantiate the miles and receipts for the work carried addition to the condition itself, this is a Renault 5 Turbo 2 that needs nothing and is without doubt the very best available. The vast majority, if not all of these cars that are on the market will need a vast amount of work to bring them anywhere near this exceptional level. This example is a very rare survivor of the marque that has never been damaged or restored...there really won't be many that haven't!

This is a car for anyone that is seeking the very best example on the market.