Sierra XR4i


Year 1983
Mileage 34540
Colour Strato Silver Metallic
Owners 2

This 1983 Ford Sierra XR4i has been preserved in a truly exceptional and original, un-molested state. It is completely standard and just as it left the Ford production line some 35 years ago. With just 2 private, enthusiast owners having used the car, it has since formed part of a vast private collection for the last 12 years. Now ready to be used and enjoyed once again, the first ownership was for 17 years and in this time, every single litre of fuel was recorded and accounted for. To find another totally original example for sale in this condition really will be a difficult task. It is just beautiful... 

The factory applied cost option Strato Silver paintwork still remains exceptional across all the factory fit panels. The depth of shine is superb and the slight "orange peel" finish is a delight to see. Just a few small chips around the nose have been covered well and are completely within keeping with a 34k mile car of any age. The duel Cibie head lights are crystal clear and as new. Front indicators, bumper incorporated fog lamps and rear lenses are free from damage and are superb. All window rubbers, door seals, boot seal and weather strips are soft and supple and free from any unsightly ageing or weathering. The infamous bi-winged rear spoiler is superb and it fits exactly as it should. The grey plastic wheel arch extensions and body-side mouldings are excellent and they have clearly never been disturbed or removed and the red bumper insert is still vibrant and as new. A small scuff to the lower near side rear bumper is all that can be found upon very close have to get on your hands and knees to see it. The cost option factory fitted tilt and slide sunroof is crystal clear and free from the usual rusting marks within the glass. The optional tinted glass is completely scratch and chip free and the distinctive XR4i stripes on the inside of the rear side windows is fully intact. Overall, an exceptional and original exterior that will satisfy and delight any Blue Oval enthusiast seeking total originality and a car which really is very special.

Open the door and this car is a mixture of 80s charm combined with a glimpse of the future for the Ford brand. It is just so far advanced compared to the Ford Cortina which it directly replaced. The grey Oxford/Sanford front sports seats are immaculate and they retain a perfect shape and fullness and the foam bolsters are free from softening. The cloth still remains tight and is free from stains or damage. The sweeping dashboard is superb and crack free...very difficult to find these days. The red binnacle surround is completely intact and still vibrant and the computerised warning system and all gauges are working perfectly. The original SRT 32 P-1 stereo radio cassette is fully operational and the factory electric aerial is smooth in its operation. The rear seats and rear door cards are perfect and have seen very little use and the deep pile carpet is excellent and clean and free from stains. The head lining is superb. The front door cards are excellent and are without scuffs. The two spoke sports steering wheel with dual horn buttons still retains the correct grain of a car with such low mileage credentials. The rear parcel shelf is free from distortion and the correct string hangers still hold it in place. The boot carpet is without stains and the whole boot area has evidently seen only light use, it is lovely. Sitting inside this car really does feel special.

The correct and original 14" alloy wheels are all correctly date stamped. The car was manufactured in July 1983 and all 5 of the wheels correspond with this date. As new Dunlop SP Sport tyres are fitted all round including the spare wheel. The wheels have been refurbished to a very high standard many years ago and the casting numbers and dates are still clearly visible.

Lift the bonnet and the engine bay presents in a beautiful condition. Obviously, the battery has been replaced, but other than that it is as should be. It is remarkably clean and all the correct and original factory stickers are still in place. PDI markings are still clearly visible throughout. All hoses etc are Ford Motor-craft. The vulnerable battery tray is original and perfect. It may not be quite as sharp as a "better than new" restored engine bay, but it is just a delight to see the originality and evident cherished upkeep.

Out on the road, this car performs faultlessly. It starts first turn of the key and the V6 burble on cold start is just intoxicating...we have fallen in love! It soon settles to a smooth and constant idle and it really does feel good. We have personally owned various Cosworths and Fast Fords over the years, but none have ever left us with that "tingle" of excitement...this car really does! The gear change is long, as they were, but its very smooth and accurate and that V6 soundtrack is just amazing! Even today, it is a car that you could drive a long distance in and you just wouldn't get bored. It really is fantastic...

Being a factory order car, it was ordered and built to the original owners exacting specification. The factory options were as follows:

  • Strato Silver Metallic Paint
  • Tinted Glass
  • Tilt and Slide Sunroof
  • Power Steering
  • Central Locking

Rear seat belts were dealer fitted. The original sales invoice confirms the above.

Built in July 1983 and registered to its first owner on November 29th 1983 by Rugby Autocar Company LTD ( Ford main dealer ). The first owner kept a very thorough record of every single item and expenditure from day one. Every single litre of fuel was recorded and accounted for. The very comprehensive service history file confirms that the last visit to the fuel station was on the 27th July 1999. 20.05 litres were added to the tank and the cost was £15.62...the mileage was 27,275 miles. The paperwork also states that on the 11th January 2000 the engine oil and filter were changed . The mileage was now just 27,290. The car was then purchased by its second enthusiast owner in March 2000. It seems that the car was well known within the XR Owners Club at this time and it attended various shows. In 2006 it then disappeared and formed part of a very vast Ford collection in Northern Ireland. It never turned a wheel. It just sat there in all its splendour. The last mot was carried out in 2006. It has now been mechanically re-commissioned including all fluids, belts, filters and plugs and the brakes have been checked and cleaned. This fabulous car is now ready to see daylight and to be used, showed and enjoyed once again.

We are confident that there will not be another car on the open market that is anywhere near the calibre of this one. Yes, there is one that is currently on offer which sold over 2 years ago at Maurice Leslie Auction for over £18,500. From what we can gather, that car has been rebuilt to the standard that it is today. This one has not been rebuilt and it really is exceptional. Low mileage, low owner, cherished and loved examples are now impossible to find. It cannot be compared to any other car that is currently on the open market. For originality, history, ownership and condition, you really won't find another!