Year 2003
Mileage 49815
Colour Silver Metallic

A truly stunning looking 2003 Jaguar XJR 4.2 Supercharged with just 49,815 miles. Fitted with a full WALD body-kit, exhaust tail pipes and WALD 20-inch alloy wheels, this example looks spectacular and arguably how all XJ-Rs should have looked from the factory.

The third-generation Jaguar XJ, or X350 as it was known internally, was launched in 2003. Fitted with a range of V6 and naturally aspirated and supercharged V8 engines, both short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase versions were available.

Featuring a bonded and rivetted aluminium monocoque chassis that was both 40% lighter and 50% stiffer than that of the outgoing model, the styling of its aluminium body panels were a gentle development of the rounded, hooded-headlight style that had become the XJ-range’s signature look.

Fitted with multi-link, computer-controlled adaptive air suspension, the X350 handled as well as it rode. So well in fact that Jaguar developed an XJR version – and while the previous version had featured a 326bhp supercharged straight-six, the new model had a 395bhp supercharged V8 under the bonnet.As silky smooth as it is powerful.

Limited to 155mph, the short-wheelbase car’s 0-62mph time of just 5.3 seconds might have been impressive but it was its blistering mid-pace acceleration that stunned those lucky enough to be able to drive one.

The stuff of urban legends, they’re still a hugely desirable modern classic, which is why we’re so pleased to be able to offer this one for your consideration.This fully UK-spec Jaguar XJR was repatriated from Japan, which means it benefits from all the toys you are used to finding in British examples – while having none of the rust you are used to find, either.

This makes it something of a win/win for the Jaguar enthusiast looking for a low-mileage example of a perennially popular super-saloon – and that the Japanese are renowned for looking after their cars in an impeccable fashion, you can sit back and enjoy an uncommonly well-maintained one, too.Unique as well because this one is fitted with an ultra-rare WALD International body styling and wheel package, a combination that would have set the commissioning owner back around £5,000. Comprising portfolio-style front wing vents, bigger bumpers, side-sill mouldings, a rear bumper diffuser and a boot lid spoiler, this is an XJR that no longer hides its light under a bushel. The WALD styling kit looks terrific.

The kit itself is comprehensive and comprises front and rear bumpers, side-sill extensions, a rear diffuser, quad WALD exhaust tips, a boot spoiler, and vents in the front wings. All-in-all, it dials the XJR’s understated looks all the way to 11.

Of course, the Silver Pearl colour lends the Jaguar a suitably hewn-from-solid look all on its own. The paintwork is in great shape too, but then that’s no surprise given the reputation Japanese car owners have for coddling their vehicles. UK-spec full-size numberplate plinths have been fitted too, something that help further freshen the car’s good looks.The lack of road salt in the winter is another factor in its favour of course, but even so this is an uncommonly well-preserved example that still shows factory tight shutlines, ripple-free flanks, and nothing more than the odd few minor stonechips. So neat, in fact, that we’d be surprised if there is anything untoward in its past.

The 20-inch WALD alloy wheels have a few light scuff marks on a couple of wheels. Their open design allows a glimpse of the wonderful silver Jaguar R brake calipers and they’re shod with new and matching Pirelli P-Zero tyres as well.

Problems? Nothing really. Sure, there is the odd stone chip on the rear bumper, and the front passenger door but nothing more, which leaves you free to enjoy driving it rather than fettling it.

The interior features Warm Charcoal leather with double stitching. The front seats are electrically adjustable and have three-stage heating – and the pixie-wrangling inside the cabin extends to electrically adjustable pedals and steering column, too.

Further sophistication extends top radar-controlled cruise control including automatic acceleration and braking, something that would have seemed more like science-fiction than science-fact back in the day.

And this is very much a UK-spec car with UK sat-nav, a speedometer that reads in MPH plus, of course, the full UK spectrum of radio frequencies.

It also features supple double-stitched leather seats with the ‘R’ embossed on the headrests. These are still as firm and supportive as they were when they were new and are showing nothing other than the very gentlest of creasing; if we were to tell you that they had come from a two-year-old car then you’d believe us.Nor have the rear-seat passengers been ignored because they can enjoy fiddling with the audio system controls that’re secreted in the rear armrest, all the while sitting on plump, heated leather seats and resting their feet on one of the XJR’s four matching Jaguar overmats.

The door cards are in great shape too, and are fitted with factory Alpine speakers and while the audio system sounds amazing, we can’t imagine that you’ll be using it much given you’ve got a supercharged V8 engine under the bonnet to listen to…

Everyone will enjoy looking at the vast slab of walnut that comprises the full-width dashboard, a wonderful piece of veneer that is fresh and vibrant and free of the sort of peeling lacquer and scratches that less cherished examples might sport. The headlining is new and takes care of what might just be the model’s only significant weakness.

The boot is home to what looks like a recent Jaguar-branded battery plus the space-saver spare wheel, tool kit, warning triangle, and an air tank for the computer-controlled air suspension.

There’s the original Jaguar CD multichanger in there too plus the DVD player for the sat-nav system. The whole boot is in an excellent condition and it, of course, is ultra-solid and free of rot. Work to do is only slightly more onerous than that needed outside. There are some scratches on the veneer of the driver’s door trim, a cracked interior mirror (and almost certainly not the original) and a mark on one seat bolster.

The car also starts promptly, ticks over evenly, and drives superbly. The engine bay itself is as neat and clean as any we’ve seen on a non-show car, and the underside is similarly impressive.

It’s straight and undamaged and lacks even the surface rust on components that is almost inevitable, no matter how carefully a car is looked after; chalk another one up to an ultra-careful owner and that lack of road salt in the winter.

The Jaguar’s MOT certificate, which is valid until February 2023, was gained without a single advisory point.

It also still has its original owner’s handbook, service history booklet, book pack, and storage wallet.