Escort RS Turbo Custom Series 1


Year 1985
Colour Diamond White

We don't think that this car needs much introduction...the Series One RS Turbo is one of the most highly regarded Escorts that has ever worn the RS badge.

This 1985 Custom model is quite simply...stunning! Having covered less than 7000 miles since undergoing an exceptional restoration using genuine Ford panels, it was started in 2009 and completed in early 2013. Since completion this superb and yet still useable example has made a big impact on the Concours scene, winning the RSOC Concours Gold Cup in the Novice Post 81 in 2014 and also the Intermediate Post 81 at Whitton Mill less than one week ago...a full list of it's incredible achievements can be seen below...

  • 12th May 2013, Cumbria Group, 1st place
  • 9th June 2013, Durham/Derby Groups, 1st place
  • 6th July 2013, Bristol/Swindon Groups, 2nd place

  • 27th April 2014, Central Group, 1st place
  • 11th May 2014, Cumbria Group, 1st place
  • 8th June 2014, Durham/Derby Groups, 1st place
  • 5th July 2014, Bristol/Swindon Groups, 1st place
  • 13th July 2014, North Yorkshire Group, 1st place
  • 14th September 2014, Northampton Group, 2nd place

  • 7th June 2015, Durham/Derby Groups, 2nd place

  • 8th May 2016, Central Group, 1st place
  • 29th May 2016, Cumbria Group, 1st place
  • 9th July 2016, Bristol/Swindon Groups, 1st place
  • 17th July 2016, Oxford Group, 1st place
  • 14th August 2016, North Yorkshire Group, 2nd place
  • 11th September 2016, Northampton Group, 1st place
We feel that the above will speak for itself. Please appreciate that this car is not a £35000+ example that needs to be trailered is an exceptional car that can still be used and enjoyed, just like every Ford RS model should be...