Escort MK3 1.6 Ghia


Year 1981
Mileage 30704
Colour Strato Silver Metallic
Owners 5

A truly stunning 1981 Ford Escort MK3 1.6 Ghia. A very well known and respected car on the Classic Car Show scene, this incredibly original example has covered just 30704 miles from new. This car is a true "one off" and not to be compared with anything else that is currently on the open market.

Fastidiously cherished and pampered, even down to the original rear window sticker being covered with tape to avoid UV damage! We genuinely doubt that you will ever find a better one, or one that is anywhere near as good. A very special little car indeed!

Finished in Stato Silver Metallic with Blue Chelsea Velour, this early MK3 Escort is quite simply...incredible! Still wearing all of its original factory fitted panels, the car just sits perfectly. The panel gap and paint finish are superb! Having been protected from new with Protectol Rust Proofing (the certificate is in the file), it has clearly done its job well. The bonnet cavities and inner wings are also lightly coated with wax oil, as are the backs of the wings etc...the car is 100% corrosion free. A couple of very small, well covered stone chips are the only evidence that this car has been used. The boot floor is immaculate. All the rubbers are nice and supple, the chrome work is exceptional and the factory fitted glass is superb. All glass is etched with the registration number, as are the rear lamp lenses. Period yellow spot lamps are fitted up front. Underneath, the car is just lovely...extremely clean and nicely detailed, without going overboard. Original, supplying dealer number plates (not replicated ones) are fitted front and rear and the original dealer rear window sticker is still in place and un-faded.

The bumpers are superb and still retain their correct, deep matt finish. All plastic corner bumpers are free from distortion. The offside front has a very slight graze.

Internally, the car follows the same theme. When you open any of the doors, the car is just delightful. Unmarked and full of 80s still retains that MK3 Escort smell. The cigarette lighter and ashtray are unused. The seats are incredible and with no visible wear. The cloth on the rear seats has stretched ever so slightly, but still remains in fantastic condition. The dashboard is completely crack free and has never been has just been covered throughout its life. The steering wheel is lovely and still retains the correct grain, s does the gear knob. The carpets are unmarked and still retain their deep, cut pile. All door cards and plastics are as new. Even the seatbelt fasteners still have their factory stickers applied, showing left and right. The headlining is again unmarked and is completely tight. The boot carpet and plastics are free from any marks. Tape has even been applied across the top of the back panel, to avoid any marks when the tailgate is down. The original parcel shelf is still in place...internally, the car is as close to a new one as you will ever get. It truly is a delightful place to be.

Still wearing its correct factory steel wheels with chrome outer bezels, the wheels are unmarked. The spare wheel is exactly the same. All shod with good quality, matching tyres which are as new.

A manual choke has been fitted and the car starts first turn of the key...every time. There is no lumpiness or untoward noises at all. the 1.6 CVH engine is as quiet as you will find. The 4 speed gearbox is smooth and precise and the car drives exactly as you would expect a cherished, 30k mile car to is superb.

As you would expect from a car that has been lavished with so much care throughout its life, the history file is no exception. Original dealer handbooks are present, including accessory brochures etc...A 1981 Ford Cars Brochure is also present along with the Ford Escort MK3 launch Brochure. The comprehensive file contains various bills/receipts from over the years and every single MOT apart from one. The MOT history is as follows and they are all tucked away in the file...

  • August 17th 1984...5236 miles
  • August 31st 1985...8711 miles
  • August 30th 1986...10178 miles
  • August 26th 1987...11303 miles
  • October 31st 1988...12332 miles
  • October 30th 1989...13109 miles
  • March 4th 1991...14103 miles
  • February 28th 1992...14819 miles
  • February 20th 1993...15425 miles
  • February 21st 1994...15899 miles
  • February 24th 1995...16316 miles
  • February 23rd 1996...17212 miles
  • February 25th 1997...17951 miles
  • February 12th 1998...19083 miles
  • February 25th 1999...20140 miles
  • February 18th 2000...20790 miles
  • February 14th 2001...22186 miles
  • February 7th 2002...23012 miles
  • February 6th 2003...23917 miles
  • January 29th 2004...24340 miles
  • February 10th 2005...24874 miles
  • February 16th 2006...24988 miles
  • February 22nd 2007...25236 miles
  • February 14th 2008...25328 miles
  • February 12th 2009...25689 miles
  • February 23rd 2010...25723 miles
  • February 17th 2011...25813 miles
  • January 26th 2012...25976 miles
  • April 3rd 2013...28436 miles
  • January 29th 2014...29436 miles
  • August 1st 2015...29447 miles
  • July 26th 2016...30167 miles

The car currently sits with 30704 miles. Just to point out that from its five fastidious keepers, one gentleman has owned this incredible little car twice! He only parted with it the first time to obtain a Ford Escort RS Turbo that he used to own. He then sold the RS and purchased this car again.

We feel that this car represents a very unique opportunity to obtain one of the very best, none sporting MK3 Escorts ever to come to market.