Fiesta MK2 1.3 Ghia


Year 1984
Mileage 6360
Colour Jade Green Metallic
Owners 2

A truly, truly stunning and completely original 1984 Ford Fiesta MK2 1.3 Ghia with an incredible 6360 miles from new. Cars of this un-restored quality are getting nigh on impossible to find now, and we are genuinely delighted to bring this car to market.

Please take the time to read the advert fully and appreciate that text messages or emails with "how much for cash mate or what is your lowest price?" will NOT be replied to. Please don't take offence if you do NOT receive a reply, but to be quite honest, we have got better things to do than answer text messages! Call us old fashioned, but we would much prefer to converse with someone via a telephone or in person...yes, strange we know!

Anyway...Ordered on the 21st April 1984 from the Ford main dealer, Bradshaws Motor House LTD of Preston, the original owner requested his pride and joy in the cost option metallic Jade Green with Mocha Savoy/Crushed Velour trim. The original order form and original invoice are present within the history file. The invoice matches and confirms the date of first registration as 18th May 1984. Supplying dealer number plates front and rear still remain. The genuine Ford carpet mats and mud flaps are still fitted.

Finished in its original factory coat of Jade Green metallic, the finish is quite simply remarkable and has had no rectification whatsoever! All the panel gaps are superb and all the factory date stamps are clearly visible throughout. The boot floor is amazing and the spare wheel is unused and still wears its original factory fitted Michellin tyre. The jack and wheel brace are again unused and the plastic storage tray is as new...just lovely! We have spent the last eight days trying to find fault with this car and all we can find is a thin scratch on the front passenger side wheel trim and a tiny, pin head size stone chip to the drivers side front wheel arch...and that is it. The car is just superb!

Under the wheel arches is still like new. The floor pan and chassis rails are exceptional and still as they left the factory. Please appreciate that this car has not been detailed at any point in its has NOT had the running gear powder coated or the bolts re-zinced, it is just as it left Ford. We have no proof of this, but we doubt that this car has ever seen a British winter out on the is just too clean and is just beautiful! All the factory glass is still present and unmarked and etched with the registration number. The chrome window surrounds are superb and all the rubbers are still supple and as new.

The 'as new' theme continues as soon as you open the door. The seats, carpets, door cards, dashboard and headlining are unmarked and as new. The supplying dealer fitted mats are still excellent. The ashtray and cigarette lighter are unused. All switchgear is in perfect working order. The steering wheel still retains the factory grain, as does the gear knob. The original Radio Cassette is still present and in full working order. The door shuts and rubbers are exceptional. The original and now very rare sunroof bag is present and still as new and sits along the dealer supplied warning triangle in the boot. The boot carpet and plastic side panels are as new, as is the original parcel shelf. Factory fitted rear seat belts are fitted in the rear.

This superb little car is still wearing its factory fitted Michellin tyres all round. They are still supple and perfectly usable. They are showing no signs of perishing. The genuine and original wheel trims are fitted all round. As previously mentioned, the near side front has got a scratch on it.

The car springs into life on the first turn of the key and is remarkably quiet and smooth from cold. The manual choke works perfectly and the car soon settles in to a very smooth and quiet idle. The 5 speed gearbox is precise and smooth and feels just like a new you would expect from a car with such little mileage. Out on the road, the little 1.3 engine pulls the car along with ease and will quite easily keep up with modern day traffic. There are no rattles, squeaks or untoward noises at all and it really does feel like you are driving a brand new car...incredible!

With most cars that are now over 32 years old and having covered just 6360 miles, you tend to find that the paperwork is a little bit lacking, as you would expect. This is not the case with this little Fiesta. Even though it has covered just 6360 miles from new, it still has an amazing 28 MOT certificates to verify the mileage. We have never found a car with this mileage that has the comprehensive paperwork file that is present...the MOT history is as follows;

  • April 22nd 1988...1747 miles
  • April 21st 1989...1963 miles
  • April 27th 1990...2232 miles
  • April 25th 1991...2520 miles
  • April 23rd 1992...2734 miles
  • April 19th 1993...2965 miles
  • April 21st 1994...3166 miles
  • April 11th 1995...3307 miles
  • April 12th 1996...3461 miles
  • April 21st 1997...3524 miles
  • April 20th 1998...3558 miles
  • April 30th 1999...3569 miles
  • April 26th 2000...3638 miles
  • April 25th 2001...3689 miles
  • April 26th 2002...3730 miles
  • April 25th 2003...3765 miles
  • April 23rd 2004...3798 miles
  • April 29th 2005...3828 miles
  • April 26th 2006...3850 miles
  • April 20th 2007...3886 miles
  • April 21st 2008...3942 miles
  • April 29th 2009...3957 miles
  • May 23rd 2011...4102 miles
  • May 9th 2012...5146 miles
  • June 19th 2013...5628 miles
  • June17th 2014...5786 miles
  • May 26th 2015...6037 miles
  • May 31st 2016...6300 miles

Along with the above, there are 4 stamps in the original service book and various receipts for services carried out over the years that have not been stamped. A cam belt change was carried out the 18th May 2013 at 5621 miles.

This simply incredible example has had just 2 previous registered keepers from new. First registered on the 18th May 1984 to a Mr Hyde from Bolton and then transferred to his wife upon his passing on the 20th May 1995. It remained in the care of Mrs Hyde until being purchased by its 3rd owner on the 10th November 2012 and has remained within his cosseted care until now.

Complete with 2 original keys, current V5 registration document, original and complete handbook pack, sales brochure, original order form, bill of sale, receipts and 28 MOT certificates.

In summary:

We can never say that there is not another example out there that is as just never know what cars are out there. We are confident that there will not be a more original one that is any better and we can guarantee that there will not be another one that is anywhere near as good that is currently on the open market today. We have been in the motor trade for a long time now and cars like this just stand out from all really is, genuinely superb and you may not find another as good for a very long time...